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LIMBERING - 180 degree rotation

Ageless yoga is a modern interpretation of an ancient method of yoga practice. Until recently it had remained lost in translation consequently 'spiritual yoga experience' was an elusive experience. Yoga practice originally served the purpose of accessing the characteristics of consciousness, one of which is agelessness. This presentation stays close to the original methods hence it may seem quite different from contemporary methods.


If we wish to attain ageless health we must first become conscious. There is no aging or disease in consciousness because it is not constituted of time & space.


Attaining ageless health is not a simple task because we have to unlearn fixed habits and switch over to new practices. For instance, we have to escape from duality and become aligned with conscious. Template of duality and template of consciousness are present side by side in our body & mind. Our perspective must detach from the template of duality and transfer into the template of consciousness.

An experienced teacher can induce experience of consciousness in their student at the first session of yoga practice, like mediums inducing occult experience. Indeed it is an experience of alternate consciousness because it is not like anything we experienced previously. Experience of consciousness is not a complicated process hence it can be imparted from a distance, over Skype or Facebook and similar other mediums! 

The capacity for experience of consciousness is inborn. It is not true that it takes years to become a yogi or that we have to undergo rigorous discipline. Experience of consciousness/spirituality is not conditional. Like sunshine which does not discriminate between criminal and law-abiding similarly consciousness is accessible to everyone whether saint or sinner. 


After experiencing consciousness the first time we are preconditioned for accessing the characteristics of agelessness. Consciousness is other than time & space. As a result its characteristics are present long after we are gone. We cannot replicate consciousness exactly but we may replicate it symbolically. And the trigger with which we commence the process is Facial Asana (FA).






LIMBERING - 180 degree rotation