FA 1 is a method for aligning the left and right halves of the brain. It aligns thought and consciousness into a state of oneness/yoga.



When we stand in front of a mirror and observe the mouth-line we find that one side slants downward or it is not horizontal and equally balanced with the other side.

With teeth held together but not clenching and while breathing rhythmically correct the slant horizontally. Pull the whole line back into a balanced smile, with fingers if necessary.

Hold the pose with easy breathing rhythm, and release the fingers. Relax the pose slightly without affecting the balance of the reset mouth-line, until it is holding up without strain.

Lie down on a bed or mat, without a pillow and close the eyes. Maintain breathing rhythm, silence thought and focus on the sensations the method produces.


At first the effect is subtle so pay attention. Remain in pose for 5 minutes.


If the effect was not experienced at first try make another attempt, the second time with better focus.


We saw our face every day but we did not notice the slant of the mouth-line. Additionally, the eyes are not equally wide open, the eyebrows are not horizontally level and the ears are not on an even plane. From head to feet we observe differences in every feature of the body that is in pairs. When we finally observed the slant it was an indication that we became conscious.






































At first the differences found in duality are so fine it is barely observable but when we age the differences magnify and we find that one side declines faster than the other side. Down the road the healthier side gets dragged down by the weaker side and we are hard pressed to retain stablity, which we achieve by counterbalancing the unevenness.

The effect in the brain is more dramatic. Given is the fact that one side of the brain corresponds to thought and the other side corresponds to consciousness. Essentially thought & consciousness are the same therefore they are in a state of oneness, apparently. But they are not coordinated because self, ego is a wedge that separates them.


The self may possess thought but consciousness cannot be possessed. The consequence of being possessed is that we become self-conscious, making us react or turn defensive at every instance. In the process our sense of awareness is neglected and forgotten.

























Physiology of FA

The Facial Nerve, Cranial Nerve VII (CN VII) stimulates facial expressions and sense of taste. It originates in the brainstem and and branches out in three directions. One branch courses through the forehead, a second courses through the cheek and upper and lower jaw and the third courses through to the temples.

























Inducing FA 1 is like putting on a 'facelift' mask. The weaker side of the face which has a tendency to sag is lifted up, leaving the whole face in a state of seamless balance. This is the external effect. A second effect is on the nerves of the face. The nerves of the weaker side are 'enlivened', producing seamless coordination of both sides of the face.

A third effect is in the brain. The underused half of the brain is 'activated by the facelift' and our intellectual capacity is virtually doubled.


The feelings FA 1 produces in the brain are profound and may be experienced but not defined because it is unique. If A conveys to B it will corrupt/influence B's experience, diluting its originality.


LIMBERING - Head rotation. Limbering of the joints and light physical exercise activates the breathing and blood flow before commencing a yoga session.
LIMBERING - Wrist & foot rotation. Limbering of the joints and light physical exercise keeps us going, even without yoga.
Facial Asana - After 'facelift' of the side of the mouth-line that previously sagged and was non-reactive.